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Garmin introduces Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 bike navigation devices

garmin-edge-820Garmin has had its fair share of GPS navigation devices over the years, and in this day and age where just about every single smartphone or tablet does have built-in GPS, it is nice to see how Garmin has moved with the times and thrive. In fact, they have expanded their GPS device family to a myriad of options, where among them include the newly announced Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820. Both of these are lightweight and compact GPS cycling computers that come complete with comprehensive ride data, bike-specific navigation and the new GroupTrack feature.

This is not the first time that Garmin has indulged itself in bicycle GPS devices, as they have done so in the past as with the Garmin Edge 500. With the Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820, riders will be able to stay connected with family and friends easily, both in and out of the peloton. This is made possible courtesy of GroupTrack, where it enables cyclists to easily keep tabs of everyone in their group in the event that they get separated.

In order to assist in the creation of a safer riding environment, both devices will also play nice with the Varia cycling awareness line and include built-in incident detection. They also boast of integrated Garmin Cycle Map with points of interest, bike-friendly trails and more, arriving in a compact design that has been specially optimized for riding regardless of the road condition. For cyclists who are on the lookout for additional in-depth data, the Edge 820 offers advanced performance monitoring via VO2 max, recovery advisor, FTP and watts/kg tracking, performance condition, Strava Live Segments and advanced cycling dynamics.

The Edge 820 will cost $399.99 a pop, or $499.99 if it arrives bundled with a speed sensor, cadence sensor and a premium heart rate monitor. As for the Edge Explore 820, it will retail for $349.99.

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