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Garment Deodorizer for a breath of fresh air

Some of us tend to sweat more than the others, and even after using the most powerful cleaning agent off the supermarket shelf to do your laundry, it still can’t quite get rid of the stink. So what do you do with your laundry after it has dried? Hanging it in your closet with mothballs might do the trick, but there is the Garment Deodorizer that can step in to do a better job. So far, an independent test of the Garment Deodorizer has been proven to deodorize and refresh garments by reducing bacteria in them by up to 97%. Any garments hung with the device in the included garment bag should come out smelling like a bunch of roses, as its integrated fan circulates throughout the garments. Powered by a quartet of C batteries, the Garment Deodorizer retails for $79.95. Hopefully those batteries can last the distance! ]]>