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The Garlic Shaker – peeling garlic has never been easier

Garlic Shaker

If you love putting fresh garlic into all of your meals, then you likely have experience with peeling it once or twice. Normally you end up buying garlic that is already peeled so you don’t have to deal with the extra hassle, but it does cost more. If you eat a lot of garlic, chances are that little increase in price is going to build up over time. If you wished you could just peel it at home without having to spend 10 or more minutes on one aspect of the meal, then why not get a gizmo to do it for you?

There are tons of gadgets out there to make your time in the kitchen more efficient, and if you love garlic, the Garlic Shaker will be a must. Since you would often use a knife to peel garlic, this is a far safer option, as you only need to separate the cloves, drop them into the cylinder, and shake vigorously for 10-50 seconds. The inside has spiral rings, so as you’re shaking they will pull the skins off completely without requiring much work from you or damaging the cloves in the process.

Both ends of this shaker come off, and as it is dishwasher safe it will be a snap to clean. Since the ends are more of an oval shape, you won’t have to worry about it rolling off the counter if it should fall onto its side. It’s not going to take up much space in the cabinets, assuming that they aren’t already chalk full of other kitchen gizmos. This is going to cost you $25, and is available in black, silver, blue, red, and white.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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