Garia LSV Concept Car

If you’re going to pay a visit to Geneva this coming March 4 to 14, chances are you would be attending the world-renowned motor show. While we’re pretty sure that there will be plenty of cool looking sets of wheels there, the Garia LSV Concept Car is one that ought to catch your eye as well, after all, this is a street legal version of The Garia Golf Car. This low speed vehicle is able to travel on public roads in the U.S. that are normally not accessible to regular golf carts or neighborhood electric vehicles, hence its attraction for its versatility. You will also find a host of street legal safety equipment such as seatbelts, license plate and side mirrors. Expect to see the Garia LSV hit the US market sometime this summer, but for flks living in the EU, theirs will be a non-street legal vehicle. Hmmm, what gives?