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Garden Critter Solar Light adds variety to your garden at night

garden-critter-lightIf you happen to live in a home with a garden, then I am quite sure that you must have put in your fair amount of work to make sure that the garden gets tended to – and that there will be no unsightly weeds growing all over the place, not to mention everything is in its rightful place – heaven forbid should the neighbor’s dog come over and dig out your bed of roses. Well, for such a meticulous character, I am quite sure that you would also like to see the garden looking good even at night – which is where the £24.99 Garden Critter Solar Light comes in, as you choose from gopher or raccoon designs.

Your lawn will never be the same again at night for sure with these cute light-up creatures, where they have been specially cast from rugged weather-proof resin. Apart from that, they come complete with goofy smiles and nonchalant hand gestures that are sure to disarm even the most socially negative person who drops by your home. During the day, they will soak up all that the sun has to offer in order for their goggled eyes to glow at night. You can Illuminate your garden pathways in this manner and deter unenthusiastic burglars, although having a dog around would also help some bit.