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The Garageio will make your garage as smart as the rest of your home


We’ve been inundated with smart home technology. Our lights can adjust depending on the time of day, our heat will kick on before we get home from work, and our coffee maker will brew us the perfect cup of Joe in the morning without asking us to lift a finger. Our cars are even starting to be smarter as the years press on, but the garage we keep them in hasn’t changed much.

If you’ve ever had to deal with malfunctioning garage doors, buttons that don’t work, and wondering whether or not you left the door up, then you likely wish your garage door was a bit smarter. While you could very possibly replace your entire door system for something that is up to speed with the modern world, you could just improve upon your preexisting system with the Garageio. This is an easy way to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Setup will take around 20 minutes as you’ll have to mount the BlackBox, connect a wire or two, adhere the sensor on the garage door, install the app, and set up which door or doors you want to control. This is capable of operating three doors at once, even if they aren’t all from the same manufacturer. This will work with your iOS or Android smart devices, and you can give access to a total of ten users. This is currently available for pre-order on Garageio for $149-189 depending on how many doors you want to control.

Available for purchase on Garageio