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GammaTech unveils Durabook R13S


Heard of GammaTech Computer Corporation before? They are a leading worldwide manufacturer of notebook computers
(yeah, caught me by surprise, too) for more than 22 years. Good to know they’ve survived through a couple of recessions, where they’re well poised to deliver their latest product – the GammaTech Durabook R13S. What makes this notebook so special? Well, for starters, this fully rugged 13.3″ notebook is capable of transforming into a tablet PC form factor at your whim and fancy in order to provide ultimate flexibility and functionality when the situation calls for it.

You will find that the GammaTech Durabook R13S might be durable and yet does not skimp when it comes to performance, running on an Intel Core 2 Duo processor which is capable of delivering faster multitasking performance and greater energy efficiency in order to increase one’s productivity. Apart from that, the R13S is also equipped with a pretty hefty 9-cell lithium-ion battery which ought to provide around 7 hours of juice on normal use, which should be more than enough for most ordinary folks like you and I. Other functions crammed into the GammaTech Durabook R13S include a GPS Receiver, Bluetooth connectivity, a Super-Multi DVD Burner optical drive, HD audio, a built-in speaker and array microphone, Intel’s GME965 Integrated graphics chipset and an integrated multi-memory card reader.

You won’t find the GammaTech Durabook R13S shirking from its computing responsibilities even in harsh conditions, as it is humidity and water resistant, boasting a waterproof keyboard and touchpad, allowing it to function at full capacity even in rain and snow (some of you might just shiver at that thought of being left out in the wet and cold, but the GammaTech Durabook R13S is starting to sound like a real trooper). It will also boast maximum dust-resistance and can withstand extreme wind-borne dust and sand conditions.

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