Gaming on your tablet will never be the same again

Since tablets have become mainstream, so too, are service providers looking for different ways to make sure your experience on the tablet platform remains all the more engaging, and Exent has this particular vision of enabling anytime, anywhere game play. They took another step further towards that vision by unveiling the only all–you-can-play subscription service specially for tablets. Imagine unlimited game play of dozens of the hottest games on Android, ranging from Fruit Ninja to Baseball Superstars and T-Racer HD.
This launch will see Exent’s GameTanium service extend across all of the leading consumer electronics platforms, where we are talking about PCs, smartphones, TVs and tablets.

The continued growth spurts of tablet sales is really encouraging for Exent, and they intend to capitalize on this phenomenon by extending their GameTanium Mobile service to the tablet market. Touted to be an easy one-stop-shop that allows one to fill up whatever remaining storage space you have left on the tablet, you won’t find shovelware in there, but rather, quality titles.
If you are a game publisher, GameTanium also works in your favor as it delivers a rich channel that offers their games across multiple platforms, and that includes increasing the life of games and royalties that games earn. With GameTanium’s exclusive catalog and merchandizing expertise, premium pricing is also another factor that could elevate the publisher’s profile by making sure superior games remain right at the top above all the dross.
Zvi Levgoren, CEO at Exent, says, “The GameTanium tablet offering is yet another step in our anytime, anywhere gameplay vision. We now offer our world-leading Games on Demand service across all of the platforms necessary to enable games to be played wherever, whenever and however consumers want to play them. As a result, the service represents a great opportunity for carriers to engage their customers on a more meaningful and ultimately, more profitable level and for game publishers to drive their games more deeply into players’ lives.”
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