Gaming Gear lets users really feel the impact

3rd Space Vest

It’s no secret that the state of computer gaming graphics is getting more and more realistic all the time. The state of the art can easily be seen in the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3’s stunningly realistic situations, lighting shades, and characters who make the term virtual reality even seem archaic by today’s standards. And with more and more designers like Nintendo’s Wii looking to add feedback and faster reaction time, the state of the art is not only more realistic, it’s more immersive. So, when TN Games designed the 3rd Space Vest, which allows gamers to actually feel the impact of punches and shots, the next level of realism in computer simulations seems to have been achieved. It looks like a bullet proof vest, and that’s essentially the idea. To feel the impact, not suffer from it.

Designed by a physician (who originally wanted to use it for medical exams via tele-presence), the 3rd Space vest simulates an impact upon the gamer’s body by alternating air pressures that simulate the sensation of impact with a pnumatic thump. The more intense the impact, the greater the air pressure alternates. The vest contains eight zones pressure areas which can focus force accurately to simulate not only punches and gunshots, but also stabs, explosions, and even a gentile touch or tap of another player.

The 3rd Space Vest will ship next month at a cost $189 for the experience. Preordering can save twenty dollars and each vest also comes with two games … it’s namesake, 3rd Space Incursion, and a special edition of Call of Duty II.
With realisim like that, here’s hoping gamers don’t start experiencing battle fatigue.

Source: The Giz.