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Gameboy iPhone 4 case

What you see here is a definite labor of love. This enterprising person decided that the iPhone 4, being all modern could very well be married to something retro, to the tune of the ancient Nintendo Gameboy. Touted to be the Original Gameboy iPhone 4 case, it might very well be the first of its kind in the world. The actual Gameboy was cut open at the top so that enough space could be created to squeeze in the spanking new iPhone 4, although we do hope that the cut sides have been filed properly so that your precious Apple smartphone won’t be scratched all too easily. Since the Gameboy’s display is much smaller than the iPhone 4’s, you can only see the time through the case, hence limiting the use of the iPhone 4 by some. Of course, getting the phone out of the case is a little bit more tricky. It is a nice touch to see the battery compartment being used to store a pair of headphones if you know how to roll up the wires correctly.

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