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Galileo – 360 Degrees of Pan and Tilt

I love my new iPhone, I have to say it has brought to a whole new level the amount of time I can waste doing nothing constructive at all. Yes, it can help you be more productive as well, I just haven’t figured out how to use it that way yet. Perhaps I should take a class. I enjoy searching the net looking for new gadgets to use with the iPhone and this one looks interesting.
Motrr, the same folks behind the whole Gorillapad  line of camera tripods, is introducing the Galileo, a revolutionary iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with “infinite spherical rotation capability”. It works something like this: You swipe your finger across the screen of your iPad, iPhone or other iOS device and the Galileo reacts, moving and orienting your iPhone or iPod Touch in the direction of your choosing.  
The developers believe that the applications for their device are pretty far reaching. If you think about it, Galileo could be used anywhere that ease of orientation would be handy, like photography, chats, conferencing or even simple movie viewing.  Eventually, Galileo will be made available to developers who can pair it with their own applications, like surveillance or even baby monitors. Capable of infinite 360 degrees pan-and-tilt at speeds up to 200 degrees per second in any direction, paired with the right app, Galileo could be one nifty device.
The Galileo is rechargeable and it also works as a charging station for your iPhone or iPod Touch (when it’s plugged in).  Galileo will be about $129.95 or, if you preorder now, around $85 (shipping soon) It is available in white, black, and in a limited edition Kickstarter Green. For more information and Galileo including videos and purchase info, please visit
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