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The GaffGun makes taping cables a walk in the park


If you’ve ever put on an event that needed a surplus of cables, such as a LAN of any size, then you know the nuisance of managing cables. Not only do you have to make sure you have a system set up which makes everything easy to understand, but you have to be mindful that people aren’t always looking at the ground to see if they’re about to trip on something. You can’t put up a sign and hope for the best, because you never know when that one cable will set off a chain reaction to destroy everything.

The best solution is to tape everything down so that there’s no chance it can take out an innocent passerby. Of course, laying down gaffers tape is a back-breaking job, especially when you have a lot of it to do. You usually end up using more tape than you intend to, as we’re not always going to perfectly center the cable when we put down the tape. However, with the GaffGun that’s no longer a problem.

This won’t be exciting unless you’ve had to lay gaffer’s tape before, but it is certainly a useful product. This uses CoreLok technology, meaning you can use any type or size of GaffGun tape on the same device. There are small, medium, and large cable guide attachments that will straighten and center your cable when laying tape on them. The bundle will cost you $249, or you could opt for just the GaffGun at $199. It has a long extension handle so you don’t have to lean over quite so far, and moves rather fluidly over flat surfaces.

Available for purchase on GaffGun