“Gadget Or The Girl” Seems Like An Easy Choice

Set your TiVo for the Playboy channel on Monday, September 1st, at 7:30 PM EDT. Let this be known that I’m not prescribing a recipe for a cheap soft-porn thrill, but a new reality show called Gadget or The Girl.

The premise of this show is exactly what the title suggests. The rules of the show is that a contestant is given his choice of three beautiful women, and he can take two of these women on a date. Eventually, he chooses one beautiful woman to spend the evening with, but there is one final choice after that.

The contestant is told that he can either go on a romantic getaway with his final choice, or take home a new gadget, presumably to keep. Like Let’s Make a Deal, the contestant will have no idea what’s in the box until they are willing to bet all.

I wonder what the purpose of this show is, to show whether a man will choose the temporary comfort of a warm lady or the permanent pleasure of a cold gadget? We shall see in a few weeks the results of this experiment, assuming these contestants are real people and this isn’t Quiz Show all over again.

I would think that most of the men would chose a beautiful woman over a thing, but how different is this from say, prostitution? Since this reality/dating show is airing on Playboy, I would imagine that they will want to show more sex scenes than The Bachelor.

Can you imagine what would happen if the contestant wasted a romantic weekend, only to earn a gadget that the contestant already has?


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