Gadget Gifts

When you’re struggling to think of an unusual present for somebody you might want to consider buying them a gadget gift. Here we list some of our favourite gadget gifts that we have found available on the web.



We reported on the Deflexion Laser board game in December 2005 and it proved to be our most popular post in terms of views and link backs. The game itself is pretty cool too though difficult to master. It took us a while to find a place that sold it but our friends at ThinkGeek did not let us down.

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

I think the picture of this present says it all :). If you are ever stuck for what to buy that geek in your life this must be the most original present going.

It consists of 147 colored LEDs that can display any scrolling message of the wearers choosing, must be ideal for those dark parties.

Available now from our favourite shop

MP3 Sunglasses

MP3 Sunglasses

These will be appreciated by any gadget loving birthday boy or girl. Protect those eyes, look cool and listen to MP3s at the same time.

They don’t come cheap weighing in at just under $200, but hey it’s the thought that counts :)

Available now from

lazer trip wire

Lazer Trip Wire

This is one for the more paranoid present receiver. Give them a gift that lets them pretend to be 007 and set booby traps around the room.

In the US this is available for a bargain price of under 30 bucks from our friends at

Mug Boss

Mug Boss

You won’t find many unique presents for under $5 but here’s one that I’m sure most office workers will love it. It’s basically a utility belt for you old used mugs. Instantly transforming it into a cool holder for the many odds and ends that little most cubicle desks.

You can get this very different pen holder on the cheap at

Mug Boss

Ring Thing

This is a great gift idea for any friends that enjoy a drink but forget to take a bottle opener on their travels. Save them chipping their teeth buy giving them a bottle opener they can always wear and never forget.

At under $10 it’s a bargain, just think of all the money to be saved in dental bills.

Available from

Geeky Paper

Geek Wrapping Paper

Okay you’ve got that perfect gadget present, now all that is left is to wrap it up in something suitable, this is where geek wrapping paper comes to the rescue. Available in the following styles binary, emoticons, happy birthday (different languages) and equations. There’s a style for must geeky gadget heads.

Available in packs of 4 sheets from ThinkGeek