Gadget Gear for a Cause

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You see a number of fundraisers and campaigns in full swing. Incipio – makers of mobile device accessories – created their own method to raise funds and awareness thanks to our gadgets. Via “Case for a Cure” Incipio donates 20% of each pink accessory sold on their website to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. With such a worthwhile cause we thought it only appropriate to highlight a couple of the pink products.
Not all of us have gone to backlit reading devices. I love my Kindle 2. But the lack of backlight means the bedside lamp gets a workout if I read at night. But Incipio’s Xenon offers a silicone case that, unlike some I have used, does not feel sticky or tacky. It actually has a polished feel, like the Kindle itself. Built into the case are two xenon reading lights with 3 brightness settings. And if reading during the day simply lock them in on the back of the case. Another great part about the Xenon is the price, just $15.99.
Another product worth considering for the cause is the Stowaway. I’m sure we have all done the “stash a card or room key in the phone case” trick. Smartly enough, Incipio actually put a credit card holder in the back of this iPhone case (4 or 4S). And the great part is it doubles as a stand when viewing in landscape mode.  With a hard exterior and silicone core you know your phone will be safe too. You can pick up a Stowaway for $34.99.
Both items are available in other colors too. But showing your awareness and giving to a cause certainly justifies going pink.