Gadget Forums – Day 1


The official launch of our Gadget & Technology Forums exceeded my expectations yesterday, we got well over 100 new members who staggeringly made over 1,000 posts. It’s looking like being a very entertaining and knowledgeable meeting place. Though I’m not sure about some of the avatars (see above) :).

We are still adding prizes to the $1,000+ gadget give-away with the latest addition being a Bendi Board coutesy of Gadget Box, thank you very much.

I’d also like thank the following sites for wishing us a Happy Birthday and sharing their visitors with us:

  • Gizmodo (thanks Travis)
  • Shiny Shiny (thanks Star)
  • Crunch Gear (thanks Blake and John)
  • Thanks to any sites that we may of missed (please let us know if we did)

The final thank-yous must go to some of the new forum members who have contributed immensly. Big thanks to:

  • amitpatel_3001
  • azn1art
  • Johan
  • kadhal
  • keith
  • Mike
  • Case
  • Tim
  • Colleen
  • Scott
  • Humm
  • I could go on for a while but I’ll stop at 11

If you’ve not signed up at the forums please do, 139 geeks cannot be wrong :).

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