G-1 Glass Pool Table

So you want to let the rest of the world know that you’ve arrived on the world stage, fat paycheck and all. How about making sure your pad stands out from the rest with the G-1 Glass Pool Table? As you can tell by its name, this pool table is going to wow and dazzle visitors to your home, and they need not rack up a set of balls on old school wood and slate – no sir, instead they will rack up on an ultra modern design that is built-to-order.
Boasting of a lightweight skeletal frame with a full visible ball return mechanism, quality is there for all and sundry to see including BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers. At a pocket burning £34,999 for one of these puppies, it is nice to know that you can choose from a range of powder-coated colors to suit your fancy. Of course, one does wonder whether magic has gone into its creations since a glass surface probably can’t replicate the rolling resistance of baize.
Science says no, which is why the G-1’s toughened glass will come topped with a patented Vitrik playing surface, now how about that?