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FYF – Free your feet by putting super-strong socks on them


We’ve all seen those crazy shoes that have a little space for each toe, but for those that really want to feel the dirt under their feet, it’s still a bit of a barrier. You certainly have improved mobility, but it has still removed you somewhat from that barefoot feeling. While you’re able to do physical activities barefoot, you run the risk of slicing your feet open.

For those that play volleyball, go kiteboarding, or any other activity that puts you on sand, you know that there are often jagged bits and pieces lurking just under the surface of it. Even walking on grass can hold the same amount of damage without your knowledge. If you don’t want to go the toe shoe route, then why not go for socks? The FYF socks are made with Dyneema, which is said to be the world’s strongest fiber. There are grip dots on the bottom of these socks that will help you to keep your footing while also letting you feel what is under your feet.

Thanks to the Dyneema aspect in these socks which is said to have tensile strength 15 times stronger than steel, it has crazy high cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. At the same time, it is also soft and comfortable, being both airy and light weight. They’re also made to help your feet cool down when you start sweating, are hydrophobic, UV resistant, and can be washed with most methods we’re already familiar with. One pair of these super-strong socks is going to cost you $80 for one pair, or $100 for two.

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