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F-wheel reveals the DYU Smart Bike D2

f-wheelWhen it comes to keeping healthy, there are many different ways in which one is able to exercise. However, it is always important to ensure that the right kind of exercise is undertaken, where there is maximum benefit to health and minimal impact to the joints and body so that you can always enjoy exercising longer, well into your golden years. Cycling is a low impact aerobic activity that many people love, but if you want a unique bicycle that can also help you tackle those steep uphill segments without having to break out in a massive sweat, F-wheel has just the thing for you with the DYU Smart Bike D2.

 Touting itself to be the ultimate electric bike, there are three different riding modes that the DYU Smart Bike D2 offers alongside a slew of other features. This is a second generation model, where you can to switch between manual power (you will fully supply all of the energy required to move forward by working those pedals), electric power, and an electric moped power mode.

The accompanying smart app will enable the riders to control and monitor its features right from the smartphone with ease. This is a folding electrical bike, boasting of induction headlamps that will help to light up the way in the dark, while arriving with a long mileage and charging protection features. It is also extremely lightweight for an electric bicycle, tipping the scales at just 13kg and can be lifted via a single hand comfortably, courtesy of its arc design. Folding it is a snap, where you can then fit it into the trunk of a regular sedan, and the display screen and a digital locking system will help to ensure safety and security when it works in tandem with a smartphone. .

It has a 20km range on a full charge, but real world performance also depends on how hard you push it. With inflatable rubber tires that are resistant to shocks and are able to roll on all kinds of road conditions, the DYU Smart Bike D2 is shaping up to be worth checking out.

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