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Fuzz Internet Radio – Wanna be a DJ?

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I hardly listen to regular FM radio anymore. With all the free internet radio options, Pandora being one of my all time fave’s, couple that with satellite radio and all the tunes I have downloaded to my various iDevices and I though I pretty much had all my musical needs covered. Well, I have been wrong before (of course that was when I thought I was wrong and wasn’t) but what follows seems pretty interesting.
 Check out FUZZ, a brand new internet radio station that does away with robotic playlists and features music stations that are populated by real people, making real choices, and allowing you to find people who share your musical tastes, and thereby… exactly the right music for you.
Available only in the United States (hopefully limited just for the beta testing) you get to search through interesting musical choices that are compiled by real people, choose from Totally Freakin 80’s, or Rare R&B, perhaps 90’S Hip Hop is more to your liking, or Indie Madness… Its all there waiting for you, but perhaps you’d rather try your hand at the DJ biz yourself and share your own collections, you can do so simply by creating your own station and the FUZZ utilizes user feedback to see just how well you spin with the best stations rising to the top.
So check it out, become a part of it, or just listen from the sidelines, it may just change the way you do tunes forever.