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The Fuze Wheel Writer – ride off in a blaze of glory

Fuze Wheel Writer

When you were a kid, being able to ride a bike without training wheels is one of the coolest things you could know how to do. After that point, putting a noisemaker or bell on it upped your levels of cool (swag, whatever you want to call it) ten fold. Of course, with all the modern innovations we have, these things are considered pretty old-fashioned by today’s standards. However, putting things on your bike is never going to get old.

Instead of a baseball card or basket on the front, there’s now the Fuze Wheel Writer. This will give your bike special effects lights that can look like a skull and crossbones, roaring flames, and more. If you want everyone to know exactly how much of a bamf you are, you can show your miles per hour in real time thanks to a speedometer built into the device. There are 12 images and animations in all, and the faster you move, the more awesome they’re supposed to look.

These super bright red LEDs are housed in a water resistant casing that you clip onto your spoke. This can accommodate wheels up to 20 inches or more, meaning you can’t use this on a bike for a tiny tike and expect it to fit. Pedaling will active your lights, and there’s an auto shut-off for when you stop. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries for this to work, which should last for a few days worth of looking like you’re too cool for school. This is going to cost you around $21, and while it’s likely meant for preteens and younger, there’s nothing to stop you from getting something the kid version of you would’ve thought was amazing.

Available for purchase on Red5