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The future of tabletop accessories – Ako Dice

Ako Dice

Picture in your mind what a pair of dice looks like. Immediately thoughts of Yahtzee and casino games come to mind. As for the actual shape and appearance, you’re likely imagining some plastic cubes with dots on them, right? While there are a lot of awesome dice sets out there, they usually rely on numbers or dots to tell you what value you’ve rolled. If you’re really into tabletop gaming, then you likely have a whole bag dedicated to dice, filled of various sets with the same information on them.

If you’re looking to add something off-the-wall to your collection, then you’ll love the Ako Dice. These were designed by an architect named Kacha from Thailand who used lines of varying length which span across 2-3 sides of the die to determine how many points of value are on each face. The coolest part is that they’re all made of aluminum, which means they have a natural heft to them that plastic die just don’t have.

Each side is flat, but the lines are engraved, and the edges are beveled. There will be a variety of colors available, but that won’t happen until the online store opens up, which will hopefully be soon! This idea came from a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and if the campaign prices are anything to go by, you can expect to be looking at $15-20 for a pair of these.

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