The Future of Disease Diagnosis is Here

generadar_1Our entire lives we have been seeing cool medical advancements on television and in the movies. But when will those advancements really arrive to our everyday lives? We put men on the moon, carry gigabytes of memory in our pockets and can control the temperature in our house from half a world away. Yet diagnosing diseases – something we all have interest in – still depends on tests and labs and medical professionals.

 A long term project of a Massachusetts based company is receiving plenty of press as a potential next generation solution for getting to the bottom of health matters.  Nanobiosym™ (NBS) is an innovative technology, engineering and biomedicine company who has introduced  Gene-RADAR®, a tablet sized device that may revolutionize disease diagnosis. Through your genetic fingerprint, via a drop of blood or saliva, Gene-RADAR is able to diagnose various diseases and conditions.

Think of the time and cost saved with traditional tests. Gene-RADAR can give test results for diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, Ebola, E.Coli. Weeks and hundreds of dollars would quickly be saved with such a handy device. Multiply that over the population of a high risk group and you just justified the investment.

Gene-RADAR is currently in the FDA approval process. But just imagine the global possibilities of such an invention.