The Future of Food: Underground Tubes

This is definitely an idea that I am pretty certain that I will never see.

Imagine a world where you no longer have to go grocery shopping. Instead, a company called Foodtubes brings the groceries to you!

The idea is to build gigantic underground tubes that are as thick as a truck, and can move underground at 60 miles an hour.

They are powered by air pressure or linear induction motors, and they are essentially big pneumatic tubes, like the type in old office buildings. I always wondered what happened to that system of communication. I remember it being out-of-date before the age of email.

Anyway, Foodtubes states that food transport is a very wasteful system, with trucks spending 92 percent of fuel just hauling their own weight, as well as increasing our carbon footprint. Foodtubes says that there is more to establishing this system than just laying tracks. Listen to what they had to say about the freight industry “man”:

The freight industry is deeply entrenched at every level of government and commerce. . . they claim rights to profit from dominating our roads, shaking our buildings and polluting our air. Many traditional politicians and food bosses are oil-junkies, dedicated to keeping things as they are–whatever the social costs.

Apparently, Foodtubes intend to test this out on a five mile above-ground test circuit, and then create a track for the entire UK.


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