Fusion Guitar is the only electric guitar you’ll ever need

fusion-guitarJust when you thought that all electric guitars are the same, along comes the all new Fusion Guitar. What makes the Fusion Guitar so different that it has been touted to be the “world’s most advanced electric guitar”? That is definitely quite a bold statement that would need plenty of technology in order for it to be backed up. The Fusion Guitar does so with aplomb, where it happens to be the first electric guitar of its kind that comes with integrated speakers, an amplifier and iPhone integration.

With the Fusion Guitar, musicians are able to live out an unplugged life, while learning, recording and writing music regardless of where they are as long as the creativity bug strikes. Being the very first first iPhone/iPod-integrated, portable, wireless electric guitar with built-in amp, battery and speakers in the world, it will also be able to function as a bridge to offer unprecedented access to classic tones, guitar effects and music apps whenever you are on the move.

Specially designed by guitarists for guitarists, the Fusion Guitar has ended up as a great portable addition to the experienced player’s collection, making this far more than just a simple curiosity purchase. You will gain the ability to practice and play wherever you are, be it around the campfire or by the street, opening up doors to impromptu creative sessions that only creative folk know. Beginners will also be able to take to the Fusion Guitar easily, since he or she is able to take their playing to the next level with access to YouTube tutorials, interactive learning apps and sound effects from favorite artists and classic guitars.

The asking price for the Fusion Guitar stands at $899 a pop, and would be the ideal holiday gift idea for anyone whom you know will be able to appreciate such a device.

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