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The Furtif Evercut Knives are sleek and sharp

Furtif Evercut knives

While it’s nice to have sharp knives in the kitchen, many of us forget to sharpen our cutlery more often than not. Dull knives hurt more people per year than sharp ones do since we put more pressure into cutting, which leads to slipping. Of course, there are some knives that aren’t very good, and need lots of sharpening rather frequently.

If you want a nice set of knives that you don’t have to pay much mind to without having to pay crazy amounts of money, you might like these Furtif Evercut Knives. These full-tang blades are made of laser-bonded titanium-carbide, which is supposed to last five times longer than ceramic, and 300 times longer than standard steel. This means you won’t have to fret about the blade being dull enough to sharpen for 25 years or so. Not only is this going to be so sharp that it could likely rip the fabric of time, but it looks sleek, glossy, and awesome.

The angled black look it sports is purely for show, but it comes across in the name, as “Furtif” means stealth, and it shares the same style of a stealth bomber. While these aren’t particularly expensive knives, they’re not cheap either. One paring knife will cost you $78, a utility knife will cost you $92, and a chef’s, kitchen, or santoku knife will cost you $138. They will definitely last, so it’s worth saving up and only having to buy these once, rather than a bunch of crap knives and different accessories to sharpen them.

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