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FurReal Breathing Pet Cats

Fur Real CatThese are cool, the FurReal breathing pet cat. It looks, feels and breathes just like a real moggy, but instead of sleeping for 18 house a day it sleeps the full 24.

Advantages of the FurReal cat:

  • No vet bills
  • It doesn’t bring you wildlife presents from the garden
  • It doesn’t smell
  • Only needs feeding 2 AA batteries every now and again
  • Furniture safe

Advantages of real cat:

  • Walks backwards when head is kept warm with a sock
  • Fun to watch when paws introduced to parcel tape

I must admit I’m more of a cat tormentor than cat lover 🙂

You can get the FurReal breathing cat from Latest Buy for ~£17.00, available in Ebony Black, Ginger Brown and Tiger Orange.

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