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The Furoshiki Wrap Shoes fit just right

Furoshiki Shoes

Have you ever gone shoe shopping and been terribly annoyed at how poorly they fit? Some are too wide, narrow, long, or just a tad too short. It’s frustrating to not be able to find the size you need, and it makes you wish you had the money to get a custom pair of shoes. Since no one is made of Benjamins, why not just wrap your shoes around your feet so they fit exactly how you want them to?

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap anything and everything. Based on that information, these Furoshiki Shoes might make a little more sense. They have a Vibram sole, and use stretchy fabric that you will literally wrap and secure around your foot. How many people can say they’ve got a wrap-around outsole? They’re said to be lightweight and great for any occasion, but obviously that’s up to what your feet do and don’t like.

There are sizes to choose from, but obviously the customization is in the stretchy bits. There is aqua, jeans, black, and violet color options to choose from, and you’ll have to pick between mens and womens. This is going to cost you $110, and while that isn’t exactly cheap, it’s still better than trying to hit up a sneaker manufacturer and asking them to make you your very own pair from custom foot molds.

Available for purchase on hanigs