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Funlux security system provides peace of mind to homeowners

funluxYou can be sure that the holiday season will not be all fun and games for everyone, as other folks would take this opportunity to scan neighborhoods for empty homes – and then do the necessary to relieve said unguarded home of its precious belongings, as much as possible. Hence, burglaries tend to increase over the Christmas season, and Funlux hopes that homeowners will not fret too much about such a possibility by protecting their properties with a full wireless security system. This is an accurate system that delivers HD video recording, remote viewing and push messages when motion is detected thanks to a free app.

The Funlux can be described to be a tight security system that offers weatherproof cameras for indoor or outdoor use in addition to night vision. Owners are able to benefit from remote viewing anywhere, anytime, which means that should something be suspected to be amiss, or has raised suspicions, then the corresponding action can be taken.

The Funlux has been touted to be extremely easy to set up, where the whole system can be fully and completely installed in a matter of just two minutes, now how about that for a no-brainer? Heck, even those who are love to leave things right up to the very last minute will also be able to set this up right before they set off for the airport, as waiting for two minutes in the car by the rest of the family will pass by extremely quickly.

The 720P HD video will be able to be viewed on a TV or PC monitor, or one can always take the more modern route by doing so on a smartphone for remote viewing when linked to the app. This is a completely wireless solution (others like Swann also have had such offerings in the past) will ensure that one gets to enjoy the ultimate security for one’s property when one is not around, and will certainly ease worries throughout the party season.

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