Fuloon Car Travel Inflatable Bed turns your back seat into a comfy sleeping space

Have you ever been driving somewhere far from home, and needed to take a nap? Obviously, driving while you’re tired isn’t a great idea, so you’ll want to stop and grab a few z’s. The real question is where to do it. Do you find a friend that’s nearby? Rent a hotel room? Sleep in the car? The last option is the most likely one, as it’s free, and means you don’t have to do any additional driving. So what can you do to maximize your comfort while sleeping in a car? Turn your back seat into a bed, of course.

The Fuloon Car Travel Inflatable Bed will ensure that no matter where you drive, you’ve got a bed (so long as you have a back seat, that is). This inflatable bed comes with its own air pump, and in just a short time will not only give you a flat surface to sleep on, but it will fill the areas between the front and back seats, to give you more room to curl up while you nap.

Since it’s inflatable, it won’t take up much room when not in use. You should be able to easily stow it in the trunk, or even under a seat. It will set you back $129, so unless you plan on sleeping in your car pretty frequently, it might not be the most economical solution to your occasional road trip naps.

Source: CraziestGadgets