Fully working Pac-Man Halloween costume

pac-man-costume.jpgHalloween might have come and gone, but the unpronounceable Rluzinski’s costume can also be used at different social engagements such as a gaming convention or a LAN party. All you need is a great love for video games, a pinch of patience, and three tablespoons of resourcefulness. Rluzinski dressed up as a MAME arcade cabinet while kids worldwide strutted around in the latest Prada-inspired vampire costumes. This unique costume does not feature just any of those nonsensical games that you can pick off the counter – it carries the legendary Pac-Man who used to gobble up more quarters from kids than pellets and ghosts in the game itself.

Head over to Rluzinski’s site to see how he actually pieced the entire suit himself, while making way for an ever expanding belly. The project looks pretty straightforward to build, although you will need a keen engineering eye to piece together all the equipment. Some of the items required and used in the construction of this costume includes Ferring Strips, Long Drywall Screws, some Thick Plywood, Plastic Bathroom Corner Trim, Long Finishing Nails, a generous amount of spray paint, and Plexiglas for the screen.

Overall, this fun project weighs approximately 30 pounds, so pasty, sun-averse nerds who are too emaciated to even pick up their phone to call a pizza hotline can forget about impressing their equally nerdy girlfriends with such a manly costume. The Pac-Man Halloween costume requires one of reasonable build to be able to lug around such weight the whole night through without having the opportunity to sit down. I wonder how does one take a leak while dressed in this?