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Full Face Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask looks cool and fun

full-face-easy-breathing-maskSince the summer holidays are here, what better way for you to spend it than at the great outdoors? If you do not like to run to the hills for a cooling respite, then perhaps you might want to consider making your way to the beach. Sun-kissed beaches, as well as swaying coconut trees in the wind, is something that is the stuff of dreams. Some spots around the world are far more beautiful than the others, where the sport of snorkeling and diving have proven to be worth checking out. Why settle for any ordinary snorkeling mask when you have the $129.95 Full Face Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask?

This happens to be a full-face mask with an integrated snorkel that allows you to explore underwater realms while breathing as naturally as you would on terra firma. It will be able to cover your entire face, which in turn makes it a snap to breathe comfortably through your nose or mouth, while doing away with the discomfort of biting down on a traditional snorkel’s mouthpiece. There is a center-mounted snorkel that boasts of air vents in its shaft and a ball valve system, preventing water from entering. It will let you then observe aquatic life across a 180º vista thanks to the mask’s crystal-clear polycarbonate lens, while a silicon gasket and adjustable head strap create a tight, yet comfortable seal. Should any seepage happen, water will be drained from a purge valve when you raise your head so you needn’t remove the mask.