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The Fulcrum Magnifier Floor Lamp – why strain your eyes if you don’t have to?

Fulcrum Magnifying Floor Lamp

If you enjoy reading despite vision problems, or love working on crafts that require a sharp eye, then you probably wouldn’t mind the help of a magnifying glass. This can give you a super-detailed view of the task at hand without forcing you to strain your eyes to see clearly. Of course, just making something bigger is only half the battle, as hovering a giant object over your work is also going to put it in a shadow, making it hard to see in a different way.

If you do actually need some help in the vision department whether it’s because of medical issues, or just tiny craft projects, then this Fulcrum Magnifier Floor Lamp could help you out. It doesn’t stand too tall as it’s meant to be bent over your project or book via the flexible gooseneck which takes up about half of its 4 foot tall body. This neck will let you swivel, bend, and twist it to fit whatever your needs might be.

There’s an AC adapter so you can plug this into the wall, or you can power it through three D cell batteries. The 12 LEDs that will cast a light underneath the magnifying glass will last for 100,000 hours, so it’s not going to die on you unless you’re using it constantly for over 11 years. This is a $72 purchase that will give you a 6x bifocal lens that will help you with everything from threading a needle to reading fine print.

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