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Fujitsu introduces wireless scanning function for ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner

fujitsu-scansnapWhich do you think is more achievable – living in a wireless world, or to live in a paperless environment? I personally think that it will be more or less impossible to have both achieve their respective objectives, but the former – a true, blue wireless environment, might be a whole lot more possible. After all, Wi-Fi networks in homes as well as public spaces have become more and more abundant these days, not to mention the introduction of various technologies in recent years like Bluetooth and NFC that help to facilitate even more wireless connectivity between devices. Fujitsu intends to perform a wireless-paperless meld with the introduction of a wireless scanning function for the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner.

This new software update will ensure that customers will be able to wirelessly scan documents to a PC or Mac, helping expand the capabilities of its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity even further. As at press time, ScanSnap iX500 customers do already happen to be able to scan straight to their Android and iOS compatible devices, and now the next step is taken – one has the proverbial freedom to “cut the cord” from their computer without having to lose any of the ScanSnap iX500’s advanced scanning functionality, which would definitely make scanning at home or at the office a whole lot more convenient.

Thanks to the introduction of wireless connectivity, one is able to place the ScanSnap iX500 away from their computer, although I am not sure why one would put it in the kitchen. As long as it is in range, you will be able to scan as though it was connected via USB. This would pave the way for you to create PDF files at speeds of up to 25 double-sided color pages per minute (300dpi, color) and scan like you normally would, except that you do not remain tethered this time around.

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