Fujitsu innovates on small desktop with Esprimo range

fujitsu-esprimo-dSmall Form Factor (SFF) computers happen to be a pretty big deal in the past few years, especially when you take into consideration the amount of space – or rather, the lack of it, that we humans in big cities have to grapple with these days. Homes have become smaller and smaller due to the sheer number of people living in a city, so much so that space is at a premium. Hence, whatever we would want to have adorn our homes too, should be small enough and yet functional to deliver what we want it to do. Fujitsu knows this, which is why its latest energy efficient innovation would be a desktop machine that comes under the Esprimo range, and boasts of power supplies that have up to 94% energy efficiency. When one places it alongside a 4-year old PC, this would help to reduce the energy consumption by up to 40%.

Fujitsu’s Esprimo D Series Small Form Factor Desktop will come with an extremely small volume – just how small is it, you ask? Well, for starters, it will have a 10 liter housing which is roughly the size of a folder, and this would surely go a long way in making sure that your workplace is nice and tidy, right?

The Esprimo Q is touted to be a true mini PC where its size is concerned, and yet do not be fooled by the diminutive form factor, taking into consideration how it can deliver a similar level of performance as that of a traditional full-sized desktop. This particular desktop will take energy efficiency to the next level, where it consumes less than 5W in Low Power Active Mode and just 7W in idle mode. Heck, it even carries the distinction of being the first desktop to offer Fujitsu’s well-known PalmSecure technology, embedded in the housing. The Esprimo D Series as well as the Esprimo Q will offer high energy efficient power supplies and UC&C capabilities, and will be powered by the latest Intel platform and support renowned features like Zero Noise, EraseDisk and a full set of security and manageability options.

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