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Fujifilm Presents a 3D Digital Camera

3d_camera_0720Considering the number of 3D movies in the theaters this summer, as well as those coming this holiday, one can’t help wonder if we are entering into a 3D era that will not end as abruptly as it did in the fifties.

Fujifilm has now announced that they are putting out a camera that can take 3D images. At first I thought that this was a camera that could produce prints that would be 3D, with certain glasses, but apparently, I was wrong.

According to my source, “to view the 3D images, users can put them on a special 3D enabled digital photo frame or print them with a special 3D printing process that needs no glasses to view”.

It can accomplish this wondrous feat using dual lenses that are spaced out just like human eyes. This technology is not cheap, as this 10 Megapixel camera is priced at $600. The digital photo frame for this camera is about $200.

Here’s the real kicker. These three-dimensional prints are at a record $5 each. That’s probably too expensive for the average consumer, but if someone wants a 3-D pic of themselves, this Fujifilm camera could be good as a carnival gag or something.

As I recall, I remember seeing a TV ad in the eighties that featured a camera that could take 3-D images. I don’t remember the company that made it, but it clearly did not catch on. Then again, I seem to remember a barrage of 3D movies back in the early eighties, and that fad quickly died.


2 thoughts on “Fujifilm Presents a 3D Digital Camera”

  1. Ya, I caught some of the drizzle from the choked out 3D of the 80’s but wasn’t there for when it first came out.

    I think this time it won’t die so quickly, or at all for that matter.

    The 3D of the 80’s had many drawbacks, such as having to wear glasses or such and caused headaches for many if I recall correctly.

    I think today’s 3D will stay because it has a lot more applications and since technology has advanced so much it is implemented much better today. 3D without the need for glasses to make it work is what will really help 3D stick around this time I think… oh that and gaming.

    This gaming generation is really helping the advancement of computer and display technology in my opinion. This is the BIGGEST factor that will cause 3D to stick around for good now.

    Next step, affordable, high resolution, 3D stereoscopic VR goggles… that will be one of the biggest steps forward in gaming and even other applications such as CAD and medical uses.

  2. The camera you are remembering was probably the Nimslo. There were many 3D cameras in the 50s with the most common and popular being the Stereo Realist.
    I have read serious talk about 3D enabled digital TV’s – that would use electronic glasses – now if this camera was compatible with those they would have something. I wouldn’t buy photos at $5.00 per short for sure.

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