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The FUGU Luggage is the only suitcase you’ll need


Flying is a headache and a half. Not only do you have to get to the airport super early to get through security, but you must also prepare a day or two in advance to pack your suitcase, carry on, or both to fit the requirements. If you like to travel with only one bag, then you’re faced with the challenge of which size you should bring.

If you hate living in the limbo between the two, why not get a bag that can change its size? The FUGU Luggage is a suitcase that can be a carry on or check-in bag at the push of a button. It uses an electric air pump to expand the sides of the bag to a full-size suitcase from a carry on size, and is tough enough to be thrown against a wall while still protecting the internal contents. This is all thanks to a special PVC material that is used in surf boards and flotation devices. It weighs the same as any other suitcase, and even being fully expanded still fits within the required checked bag size.

Of course, if you’re going to drop $245 on a new suitcase, this may not be enough to sway you. The creators of this suitcase made sure that this would change how we think about travel, so they gave it the ability to be a desk, table, and have shelves so you can treat it as a closet at home or abroad. They also toss in a laptop case that makes pulling out your computer before checking your bags a breeze. Should this still not be enough, the wheels are omni-directional, meaning it can glide in any direction, making sure you’ll never again have to deal with toppled bags while you’re running from gate to gate.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter