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Fuelless Vehicles – Armchair Cruisers


These look both cool, comfy and environmentally friendly too, FTOV (Free To Operate Vehicles).

One of the inventors behind Armchair Cruisers had this to say on our gadget forums:

I am genuinely a lazy guy. Unfortunately the drive to invent and develope new gadgets forces me to become “unlazy”. Its actually a curse. Thousands of hours have been spent in my shop simply mulling over possibilities. Ive had to learn hundreds of things quite frankly i dont want to know, to pull off some of these ideas. My Father in law, Ferg, is equally smitten by our contraptions as we both work tirelessly to develope them with virtually no budget. I design structures and drive systems and Ferg is the cosmetics genious. We make a pretty good team. With a little determination, I believe that everyone is capable of doing something fantastic. Lately we have been working on “Free to Operate Vehicle” technology. I coin the phrase FTOV’s.

Using some pretty innovative ideas it appears we can make our Motorized chairs Free to operate meaning that it will never cost a dime to tool around all day, day after day for no cost. I cant share alot of the core technology other than it is solar related but just know that someone is atleast making inroads into the FTOV arena.



You can see more pictures, and actually order your own from Armchair Cruisers.