Fuel Cell X7 Car Experiment Kit


If you’d like to teach your kids a bit more about fuel cells, this experimental kit is a great way to do just that.  They’d get to learn by assembling a car, then after it’s all put together they’ll have another toy car around to play with.  Plus they will get the joy of knowing that the toy they enjoy so much is something they made themselves.  Adults could try this out too, but the instructions are set up more simplistically to make them kid friendly.

The car is able to be used by kids ages 10 and up.  The car comes with a 16-page manual that features step-by-step instructions and is full color.  The manual not only explains the assembly process, but how to operate the car after it’s all finished.  The car itself is able to run completely on water.  This one doesn’t have a back up source for power either, so you’ll just have to stick with the water.  You can purchase the Fuel Cell Car and & Experiment X7 Kit for $99.95.

Source: GeekyGadgets