F-Stop Watch for photography nuts

Those of you that have gotten a little obsessive about your love of photography shouldn’t be stuck with an ordinary watch with silly numbers.  Instead you need something you can really understand.  Normal watches are for mathematicians.  Thankfully, someone has created a watch for anyone that enjoys photography, the F-Stop Watch.

Instead of numbers it lists off the relative aperture or F-Stop, which is where the name comes from.  These fit most adult wrists and even come in a handy little collectible tin.  The strap itself is leather with metal clasps.  It has Quartz movement and the batteries are thankfully included.  Right now these are sadly out of stock, but you can set things up so the vendor emails you when it’s finally back in stock.  At that point you’ll pay $35.95 to get yourself one through the Neatoshop.

Source: Crunchgear