Furgle Super Cute Desktop Speakers

Frugle Desktop Speakers
Even if you don’t like to admit it, you always want something that’s frivolous, silly, and cute, which perfectly sums up the Furgle speakers.

They’ve even got a cute, in a weird kind of way, name. My first thought when looking at these speakers is that they look like Sulley from Monsters Inc. but I’m sure you could think of a million other things.

If you actually end up using these as speakers, rather than desk ornaments, you’ll be happy to know that they can pump out a whopping 0.2 watts of sound (2 channel). You couldn’t of honestly expected great sound quality of these, you’ve got to sacrifice something for them to look so cool!

There are two options to give juice to your Frugle, you can connect it to one of your computer’s USB ports, or use two AA batteries which will provide about 18 hours of playing time. It’s compatible with the iPod, PowerBook laptops, and pretty much every other player under the sun with mini-jack connectivity.

If you haven’t already set out to search Google for where to get yourself a pair, or two, of the Frugle desktop speakers, you can find them at WeLoveMacs for $25. Just writing about them makes me want a pair, and I’d probably never use them because my built-in laptop speakers are probably higher quality, but they definitely don’t look as cool!

[via Uber Gizmo]