Frommer’s Travel Guides hit Apple devices

The iPhone and iPod touch are now able to hold digital versions of Frommer’s Travel Guides, enabling travelers (no matter if they’re novices or seasoned folk) to help get through their journeys in relative ease and comfort. Of course, it would be advisable to check up on the type of power points used in your destination country, lest you end up there without being able to fire up your iPhone/iPod touch.

The 2008 editions of Frommer’s New York, San Francisco, London and Paris are available for purchase and download on via the new Apple App Store and on iTunes for $9.99. Additional Frommer’s guides are scheduled for release by Modality in late 2008. The fresh and innovative digital editions of the trusted print books will be locally stored on iPhones and the iPod Touch, allowing users to quickly browse ad-free content without an internet connection. Frommer’s for iPhone features local travel tips, restaurant and hotel reviews, and bonus features such as location-based services, interactive maps, and web and phone links, all instantly accessible with the flick of a finger using the unique touchscreen interface.

Al, can you get one of these travel guides of Vegas as you and the team head there for CES next year?

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