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From 1 to 32GB in a flash

Transcend 32GB flash

It seems like only yesterday that hard drives were measured in megabytes or when flash cards were 128MB. Now, the limit is 32GB with no ceiling in sight. With companies like Sandisk, TDK and now Transcend joining the 32GB flashdrive market, it looks like Flash drives are the wave of the future when it comes to high capacity storage.

Following Moore’s law and almost being able to set your clock by it, flash memory manufacturers are introducing higher capacity drives almost on a weekly basis. Witness Transcend, which only earlier this month had announced a 16GB flash SSD drive, now, they are announcing that they’ve doubled that.

Looking more like a 2.5 inch IDE hard drive, the 32GB SSD drive is completely solid state with a high impact outer metal shell. With no moving parts and a very low power curve, the drive is about as thick as a PCMCIA card.

No word on pricing yet for the 32GB, but the 16GB weighs in at a hefty $250.00. With a range of SSD cards from 8GB – 32GB, Transcend is providing plenty of options when it comes to flash memory storage.

Can anyone say flash driven iPod?

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  1. Don’t forget that these have a limited number of write cycles, and that while reading is very fast, writing isn’t as good as a disk drive.

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