The Frolicat Bolt drives your cat crazy with lasers


Most have pulled out a laser pointer and have seen their cat be driven literally up the walls.  So you probably know what kind of endless fun that can be had with one around.  Well Bolt is an official toy just for cats that takes that fun and makes it possible for you to put even less effort into it.  Instead of having to wave around your arm, you can set it to automatic mode and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

Bolt can be set down on the table, floor or you can hold it in your hand.  When it’s in automatic mode, it’ll run for 15 minutes and then automatically shut off.  You can also set it to manual mode and control the laser yourself.  Something about the bright white look on the white background makes this look like some design that will never make it to actual product mode.  However, thankfully, it is an actual product that you can purchase and even at an affordable price.  It can be purchased online for only $19.95.

Source: Gizmodiva