Fridge Recorder

Ah, how about a nice refreshing can of Fridge Recorder? One sip, and you’ll hear a pre-recorded message.

Just kidding, the Fridge Recorder isn’t a soda, but it is designed to look like one. Its true purpose is to deliver you messages from inside your refrigerator.

Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Say you are on a diet, and you want to stay as far away from your refrigerator as possible. Just record your own voice on the can saying: “You really don’t need a snack right now”. This message will be activated once the refrigerator’s light comes on.

Yeah, you’ll probably just say something like “shut up, you stupid can”, but you got to give the inventors of Fridge Recorder credit for trying something different. I do like the idea of putting this can in your friend’s (or enemy’s) fridge and they will be completely shocked the next time they grab a cold one.

Can you imagine that one? Your victim goes to open the fridge, innocently enough, and he or she hears “put down the beer and step away from the fridge”. You might want to have a webcam ready for that moment.

I can’t really think of any other use of this device, but it is pretty cheap deal for £5.98.


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