Freshly baked USB flash drives

Freshly Baked USB

One day these guys who just sit around thinking up new ideas for USB flash drive covers will go just that little bit too far and push the boundaries of common decency to a new level. But before then we have a long way to go which is why they are still sticking to producing food related flash drives, some are good and some are not that brilliant, but the people at Valolo have created a selection of nice ones for you to try.

These bakery themed flash drives have six fancy bread designs, Challah Raisin Bread, Sandwich, Hot Dog, Pizza, French Bread, and the Hamburger, all very nicely presented and with so much attention to detail paid, they almost look edible, so please do not put this down when you are having lunch, over wise there may be visit to the dentist for you.

Features for these drives include: USB specification 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 compliance, 10 years of data retention with 1,000,000 times storage, Supports Mac, Windows ME, 2000, XP and an Internal memory of: 256M / 512M / 1G / 2G.

Unfortunately there are no details on the cost or availability, hopefully there will be further updates, but the pricing is bound to be in line with the normal range.

Source [Chip Chick]