FreshJar Lids give new lease of life to glass jars

freshjarlids1.jpgGlass jars are pretty useful stuff to have around the house, especially in the kitchen where you can store all sorts of food inside. Unfortunately, the one thing glass jars can’t do would be preserve its contents in a vacuum-sealed environment. The FreshJar Lids come in handy this way.

Turn any glass jar into a vacuum-sealed container to preserve food’s freshness, flavor, color and nutrients. Use the FreshJar Lids Kit for longer-term storage of veggies, fruit, fish, pasta, cereal, dried fruits, nuts and more. Just place the lid on the jar, pump out the air, and remove the pump. Kit includes one pump.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, it is going to cost you $24.99.

Product Page via Book of Joe