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The FreezTHAT tray makes ice in ten minutes


When you’re hosting a get-together, you want to be the entertainer with an unlimited supply of things to eat and drink while maintaining a calm environment. If you have the ambiance and snacks down, there is one item you’re likely to be out of frequently, and that would be ice. You can buy a smaller ice machine, but it’s going to run up your electricity bill and will still take a while to produce anything.

If your party needs ice what seems like every 20 minutes or so, then you’ll love the FreezTHAT tray. This will provide you with triangular ice cubes ten minutes at a time thanks to SCIENCE. The secret behind getting unlimited ice is through the cooling fluid that is sealed inside of the tray which will rapidly speed up the freezing process. Well, that and remembering to refill it after every use. This will give you around 168 ice cubes in two hours, which should hopefully be enough to meet your party needs.

Since it freezes so fast, you can also use this for more than just water too as it won’t be in the freezer long enough to take on any gross tastes. This could mean coffee or chocolate cubes, pats of butter, fruit infused ice, and anything else you can think of, as the silicone trays make it easy to pop out whatever the finished product is. These were made to be stacked, so if you have bigger parties you only need to get more of them! Spending $22 will secure one of these for you when the crowdfunding campaign ends, or you can spend another $18 to get two.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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