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Freestanding Heated Towel Rack has more than meets the eye

freestanding-towel-rackLet’s face it, there is virtually nothing exciting about your regular towel rack, making this one of the more understated and yet essential piece of furniture to have in any home. After all, if you have tried to dry yourself using a wet towel before due to unforgiving weather, or perhaps you dropped your towel onto a wet bathroom floor while showering, you know what an “icky” feeling that can be. Why not make sure that your towel remains nice and warm each time before you step into the shower? This can be made possible thanks to a $299.95 Freestanding Heated Towel Rack.

The Freestanding Heated Towel Rack is one fast towel warmer as in a matter of just 15 minutes, it can hit a temperature of 131° F, whereas other units in its class requires double the amount of time to arrive at maximum temperatures – and yet were 15° F cooler. The Best Freestanding Towel Rack will also be able to remain as the hottest after an hour, and the towels that it heated were at least 25% warmer compared to those draped over the competing models. There are eight generously spaced bars which would allow you to warm up a couple of bath towels or bathrobes simultaneously. Thanks to its flexible, portable design, relocating it is a snap. The best part is, you can’t really tell whether this is a heated towel rack or not at first glance.