Freehand Wrist Storage For People With No Pockets

How much pocket space is too much pocket space? I’d say that when you reach the point that you’re filling the pocket of your standard jeans and are fully ready to make the fashionable pounce over to MC Hammer jump pants for that extra storage room.

There’s no need to suffer for fashion. Or have your fashion suffer for you. If you’re just too much of a manly man to grab a messenger bag and throw all of your junk in there, just because of it’s similarity to a purse, then you’re going to need a new method of on-the-go storage. Meet the Freehand.

You wear the Freehand on your wrist like you would a orthopedic brace for carpal tunnel syndrome (interestingly enough, you could wear it to provide an excellent excuse for missing work.) The Freehand provides you an extra pouch for your various junk, including a cellphone or house keys.

While it certainly isn’t the prettiest kid on the block, the $20 Freehand is a great alternative for that certain prideful male specimen who refuses to have the term “bag” uttered anywhere near his flannel button-ups and polyester lounge pants.

Product Page via Fashionably Geek